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Safely through the winter.

Winter tires offer significantly more driving safety thanks to their special rubber mixture and profile form – and do so not only on ice and snow, but also at 7 °C. Even all-season tires are not a safe alternative at winter temperatures because they do not achieve the traction of winter tires, especially on wet and snowy roads. All Volkswagen winter complete wheels are fitted with tires of premium manufacturers which you can rely on.

  • Extreme endurance athlete. Choice premium tires.

    Over the course of its average lifetime a wheel will travel once round the world. First class quality therefore is a must.
    Its design must suit a breathtaking array of road surface conditions while simultaneously delivering a high standard of reliability. Based on our cooperation with leading manufacturers of premium tires, our complete wheels always remain in perfect with the road – meter for meter.

    Everything about the tire.

    Not all tires are alike. Find out aout what makes a tire premium choice.



    Tire structure

    Almost all of today's tires are radial. The radial-ply carcass layers improve deflection, while the belt layers beneath the tread boost stability.

    Rubber compound

    Depending on the manufacturer a tire may consist of up to 16 different rubber compounds. But the precise composition is cloaked in strict secrecy.

    Tire tread

    The slighter a tire's tread depth, the greater the likelihood that a dangerous film will form between the road and the tire surface – the infamous aquaplaning.

    Rolling resistance

    Rolling resistance accounts for up to 20% of a vehicle's fuel consumption.

    Tire inflation

    When insufficiently inflated, tires may heat up to 80°C – increasing wear and fuel consumption.


    Good tires will cut up to 3m off the braking distance on wet, slippery roads.

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