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Model cars from Volkswagen.

Model cars

Model cars from Volkswagen adorn shelves and display cabinets. Because the details and contours of the originals are made exactly: every door handle, every brake light, every windscreen wiper fits perfectly. Meticulous painting rounds off the noble appearance.

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The wide range of products from the Volkswagen brand offers a matching vehicle for every type of driver and every route. The diversity of models and types from Volkswagen stands for innovative mobility and driving pleasure worldwide. In the city. In the countryside. On the road. You will also see this in the series model cars. Collectible, impressive and precise down to the smallest detail.

Motor sport

Motor sport means sheer engineering and performance. Speed and sporty competition occupy centre stage. In order to make motor sport more resource-efficient, Volkswagen has bet on highly efficient drives with close-to-production technology since day one. A pioneering overall concept for professionals and amateurs. The Volkswagen motor sport models are coveted collector's items, exclusive show pieces and mementos.

Concept cars

Concept cars are highlights on the automotive calendar. Technical visions and bold design concepts allow a view to the future of mobility. The reactions of car lovers become the important benchmark in the process. That was already the case when the classic Volkswagen Beetle models were introduced. And this has continued to the present day. The future of the motor car begins. Over and over again with every concept car.


Capital and chronicle of the Volkswagen brand: Classics document continuity in a specific manner. If people want to know why motor cars with the Volkswagen logo are so successful, they will also find answers when contemplating these singular classics, their excellent workmanship details and their precise custom work. Because each one of these classics is a part of the Volkswagen DNA.

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Model cars at a glance

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