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Make your trip a real pleasure.

With this innovative modular travel and convenience system important opjects are within easy reach or easily operated by the passengers seated in the rear seat. The system consists of a base module which is fixed between the front seat headrest bars and various separately available additional modules. The modules are attached to the base module and can be changed very easily. Available exclusively at your local Volkswagen dealer.

Base module

One base, many opportunities. In just a few simple steps you can change the modules to fit to your individual needs.

Bag hook

The robust bag hook secures you purchases so they can be conveniently reached.¹

Clothes hanger

Crease-resistant and tidy. The clothes hanger ensures a tidy car interior and brings your clothes crease-free to your destination. 

Tablet holder

Turns your journey into a great experience. The Tablet holder ensures entertainment for your passengers  in the back as well as a  comfortable travel atmosphere for everyone. 

Folding table with cup holder

With this adjustable folding table not only the ride but also the break is a comfortable pleasure.²

  • ¹ Only usable if a passenger is not seated in the rear seat behind it.
    ² The folding table must be folded up when the vehicle is in motion if someone is sitting behind it.