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Find out what sets us apart.

For generations, Volkswagen has stood for quality, safety and innovation. "Das Auto" is always perfectly tailored to its target group - regardless whether it is sporty, elegant, especially efficient, practical or comfortable. But a Volkswagen is much more than that – it is the embodiment of freedom. Make the most of this freedom with Volkswagen Genuine Accessories, far beyond the road, and experience "Das Auto" down to the finest precisely fitting, high-quality, safe and innovative detail.

Precision fitting

People are individuals. Their journeys through life are different. That is why your vehicle should also be specially tailored to you. For this to happen requires Volkswagen Genuine Accessories to be produced in razor-sharp detail, and to fit the Volkswagen concerned like a tailored suit, in both form and design.

To guarantee this, we at Volkswagen Accessories start the development of Volkswagen Genuine Accessories products in parallel to the development of the vehicle. Every single part is matched to the requirements of the vehicle concerned in perfect interaction. That means that everything is perfectly matched, both technically and visually, so that Volkswagen Genuine Accessories offers you maximum added value.


Just like Volkswagen, we as a wholly owned subsidiary also attach supreme importance to materials of the very highest quality, modern production processes and high processing quality. The interplay between many years of experience and the latest research and development results leads to outstanding power of innovation. In order to guarantee the quality and optimal functionality of Volkswagen Genuine Accessories, we meticulously examine all accessories parts before they are included in the range.

At Volkswagen Accessories, we also attach great importance to the competence of experienced brand manufacturers. That means that the range may be even broader in the different accessories segments. High-quality materials, modern production processes and high processing quality are first and foremost when selecting these products. So that a Volkswagen remains a Volkswagen – down to the very finest detail.


Volkswagen does a lot for the safety of its vehicles. But what good are a high-strength passenger cell and Genuine Parts that have been tested under tough conditions if the accessories do not fulfil the same high standards? That is why Volkswagen Genuine Accessories are subjected to the same strict Volkswagen safety examinations. Volkswagen's engineers and technicians test the accessories parts according to specially defined standards. The basis for this is an extensive test catalogue that is subject to a process of continual improvement and which is adapted in line with the requirements of the vehicle and the market.
The same thing applies to retail accessories: we don't take any product from the manufacturer and put it in the dealerships without testing. Even if the examinations are not as extensive as they are for Genuine Accessories, we naturally either test all retail accessories ourselves of have them assessed by Volkswagen to ensure that safety is guaranteed. At the end of the day, these examinations decide which products deserve to bear the name Volkswagen Genuine accessories. With our own examinations, even for retail accessories, we are a step ahead of many competitors – down to the very finest detail.